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Radiant Tube Inserts (RTI's)

Positively impact emissions, productivity and quality of industrial radiant tube furnaces with our patented technology.

Increase Radiant Tube Furnace Efficiency By 10-20% Effortlesslythree radiant tubes installed with PSNERGY radiant tube inserts

Radiant tube furnaces are degrading daily. Without taking the proper precautions, your furnace is not running as efficiently as it could, and your company is losing out.

Combat your current and future combustion challenges with our patented Radiant Tube Inserts (RTI’s). This quick, retrofit solution requires little to no furnace downtime. Keep your furnace running efficiently, and your fuel costs and emissions down.

Our patented Radiant Tube Inserts (RTI’s) are a quick, retrofit solution to modern combustion problems. As stricter regulations regarding emissions and higher fuel prices are introduced to the industry, RTI’s are a simple solution to increase furnace efficiency up to 20%, meet environmental regulations, and consistently deliver high quality product.

RTI’s can be used in a variety of furnace configurations:

  • U-Tubes
  • W-Tubes
  • Straight Tubes
  • Trident Tubes
  • Recuperated & Non-recuperated systems 
radiant tube inserts

How the RTI Works:

Our patented design consists of convective wings that continually mix exhaust flow and drive energy toward the shell. When positioned parallel to the tube surface, the shell maximizes energy transfer toward the load. Composed of silicon carbide, RTI’s have near perfect emissivity, are thermally stable above 3,000 degrees F and are highly resistant to oxidation.


Radiant Tube Insert Heat Flow Example


Experience all the benefits of our patented RTI no matter the age, size or status of your furnace.

The design, material composition, and functionality of an RTI comes with a variety of other notable benefits:

  • Increase throughput
  • Increase radiant tube life and maximize heat transfer
    • Minimize heat spots
    • Minimize cracked tubes
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Reduce emissions per ton, including NOx & CO
  • Redirect wasted energy back to the load
  • Improve Quality 
    • Increase temperature uniformity
    • Meet customer product quality demands

Before & After

Figure 1 shows a lack of heat transfer between inside wall of radiant tube and hot flue gas flow results in major energy loss out of the stack. 


computational fluid dynamic results of empty radiant tube

Figure 1: Radiant tube exhaust leg without PSNERGY inserts.

Figure 2 shows a radiant tube exhaust leg with PSNERGY inserts. Our patented RTI design uses a directional wing and shell shape design to increase convective and radiant heat transfer within your radiant tubes. Decrease the amount of wasted energy out of the stack and direct that energy to the load. 

computational fluid dynamic results of PSNergy's radiant tube inserts

Figure 2: Radiant tube exhaust leg with PSNERGY inserts.


Proven Benefits

Improved Productivity & Reduced Emissions

By increasing the amount of heat energy available in the exhaust leg of the tube, and decreasing wasted energy, you can increase your production output per MBTU of natural gas while reducing emissions.  You will see improved productivity in one of two ways; increased production rates or reduced gas consumption.

  1. Increase in production- Providing more energy to the load will allow for increased line speeds (continuous furnace) or reduced heat up cycle times (batch furnace), while consuming the same amount of fuel. 
  2. Fuel savings with reduced emissions- providing more energy to the load while maintaining the same rate of production results in less gas consumption. 

Improved Quality & Reduced Operation Costs 

By improving temperature uniformity in the exhaust leg of the tube and decreasing wasted energy, time, and other valuable resources, you will see improved results in one of two ways: improved product quality or reduced operation costs

  1. Improved qualityIncreasing overall exhaust leg temperature and creating a balanced temperature profile improves product consistency and reduces stresses caused by thermal expansion. Increased temperature uniformity results in longer tube life, less downtime and less maintenance costs. 
  2. Reduced operation costs- Saving on costly resources such as gas consumption and maintenance costs reduces the cost of your daily furnace operation greatly. Less fuel consumption results in lower gas bills, and longer tube life results in less maintenance and system downtime. 

Want to learn more about RTI's impact?

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