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Made up of CMA and RTI's, we have the total combustion solution for you.


Total Combustion Solution

Take combustion off the table. Measure, maximize and maintain your furnace.


Combustion Monitoring & Alerting

Monitor your combustion system at any time, anywhere with any connected device.


Radiant Tube Inserts

Upgrade your radiant tube furnace with our patented energy efficient technology.

Total Combustion Solution (TCS)

Measure, maximize, and maintain your combustion. 

Real experts. Real data. At your fingertips.


Automatically measure your combustion system performance with real-time, actionable data and insights at your fingertips.
Our reporting allows your team to take corrective actions to maintain furnace and burner performance and air/fuel ratios.


Furnaces are the powerhouse of your facility. Your products and your customers rely heavily on your industrial heating process. Easily maximize your radiant tube furnace productivity and energy efficiency with a quick retrofit solution. Our Radiant Tube Inserts (RTI's) help companies like yours to not only increase throughput and temperature uniformity, but decrease emissions, including NOx.


Maintain your furnace performance with biannual on-site service performed by our expert service team. Long term results require corrective action and preventative maintenance. Keeping up with combustion is challenging, so let us take it off your plate. With our Total Combustion Solution, our expert service team is at your finger tips. 

Combustion Monitoring & Alerting (CMA)PSNERGY Monitoring and Alerting iphone User Interface

Continuously monitor, record and evaluate combustion performance. 

Use our Combustion Monitoring & Alerting system to stay up to date on the efficiency of your furnace in real time. Our system uses a suite of sensors including excess oxygen, air and gas pressures and flows to provide a data driven view of the combustion system. Receive notifications when your system requires corrective action and ensure daily optimal combustion performance. 

Radiant Tube Inserts (RTI's)PSNERGY Patented Radiant Tube Inserts

Save energy and reduce harmful emissions with our patented radiant tube technology.

Now more than ever, metal processing companies worldwide are facing increasing energy costs and demanding environmental regulations. The need to reduce emissions and increase production is higher than ever, and we’re here to help your company achieve both goals quick and painlessly. 


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