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Furnace Assessment
Balance & Tuning
Combustion Training
Safety Train Evaluation
Engineering Consulting
Custom Solutions

Furnace Assessment 

Not sure where to start? Our engineers will help assess current furnace performance and help you make a plan to achieve all of your combustion goals


  • Review and documentation of furnace description, control system, and valving  
  • Adequate random sample of tubes for pressure and excess oxygen in the
    stack to develop an estimation of tube balance and furnace firing efficiency
  • Baseline performance measurement


  • Control valve function assessment 
  • Radiant tube flux calculation to determine tube life
  • Documentation of proper tuning procedures
  • Full reporting and expert recommendations 

Balance & Tuning

Proprietary measurement technology and proven methodology


  • Modern, proprietary hardware and methodology
  • Data-driven system approach
  • Zone to zone and burner to burner balance
  • High and low fire adjustment
  • Motorized control valves and linkages


  • Regulators, valves, orifice plates
  • Initial and final readings
  • Immediate maintenance issue identification and resolution
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • Full reporting

Combustion Training

Spend time in the classroom learning the fundamentals from our industry veterans, and then we'll head out to the furnace for a hands on training on your furnace 

First Session: Classroom

What You'll Learn: 

  • Heat transfer
  • Furnace basics 
  • How to minimize loss & why it's important 
  • Combustion: 
    • Inputs & definitions 
    • Control & optimization 
  • Furnace and burner adjustments 
  • Benefits of proper tuning procedures 
  • Misconceptions and how to avoid them
  • Fundamentals of control systems 

Second Session: Hands-on

What You'll Learn: 

  • Engineering review 
    • burner rate, furnace efficiency, expected material flow
  • Hands-on furnace evaluation 
    • Identification of important combustion components
    • Furnace walk through and evaluation 
  • Example tuning demonstration 

Safety Train Evaluation 

Combustion system review and  documentation
  • Inspection and leak testing of emergency and manual shutoff
  • Pressure testing of overpressure protection, low pressure switches and high pressure switches
  • System testing of excess temperature interlock, combustion air pressure interlock and plumbing & valve train 
  • Report highlighting observations 

Engineering Consulting 

Perform Energy Assessments and develop standard operating procedures 
Copy of Combustion Monitoring laptop


  • Process engineering
  • Energy assessments
  • EHS reporting and critical to quality metrics
  • Development of standard operating procedures
  • Furnace efficiency, system fire rate, load capability analysis


  • Load temperature studies and thermal imaging
  • Radiant tube failure mitigation
  • Controlled atmosphere troubleshooting
  • Control system evaluation, optimization, modification
  • Improvement recommendations and cost-benefit analysis

Custom Solutions 

Temperature studies, thermal images, and controlled atmosphere


  • Fully automated combustion monitoring and alerting
  • Fully automated controlled atmosphere monitoring and alerting
  • Pressure monitoring and alerting
  • Easily implemented custom solutions for temperature, flow, pressure, etc

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