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Combustion Monitoring
and Alerting

Monitor your combustion system any time, anywhere, from any connected device.

CMA Radiant Tube

Go Automatic

Our engineers have manufactured an, IIoT solution to solve decade old combustion problems and put control at your fingertips. Combustion Monitoring & Alerting (CMA), utilizes modern technology to easily monitor and maintain your combustion system.

Data Driven Reports Directly to Your Connected DevicePSNERGY Monitoring and Alerting laptop User Interface


The power of CMA lies within your personalized combustion performance reports, derived from a multitude of sensors, and delivered directly to your connected device. The PSNERGY Cloud allows for you to access real time data to take corrective action when furnace levels are outside of an acceptable range, and historical data to determine past trends and predict new ones.

Measuring every component of combustion is crucial to maintaining the highest level of furnace performance. CMA uses a suite of sensors including excess oxygen, air and gas pressures and flows to provide a data driven view of the combustion system. Data from these sensors is seamlessly transferred to combustion performance reports and real time dashboards accessible from any connected device. CMA not only automates the process of manually checking combustion, it also functions as a digital meter when it’s time to make an adjustment.

With CMA, your team has capabilities to measure the following:

  • Zone, tube and burner variations
  • Gas regulator performance
  • Motorized Control Valve (MCV) function
  • Heat ups and downtime
safety, quality, delivery & Cost

Benefits of CMA

All CMA measurement hardware and software is made in-house by expert engineers at PSNERGY. Installation of hardware on each burner of the furnace ensures an accurate reading of all measurements, simultaneously. Balancing and tuning entire zones at a time allows your team the ability to find combustion issues and correct them before they become detrimental. CMA reduces tuning time, increases tube life, improves consistency and decreases costs and wasted resources. 


  • Significantly reduce your crew's exposure to unsafe conditions, including high heat, high CO, or oxygen depleted environments
  • Eliminate manual combustion checks with 100% automated gas sampling
  • Decrease emissions caused by poor, unmonitored combustion conditions


  • Ensure reliable shipment of your thermally processed materials
  • Increased throughput results in faster delivery times meeting customer expectations


  • Eliminate poor furnace performance, nonuniform heating, process variability, and ultimately ensure that quality problems are in the past
  • Receive real time data driven reports that serve as a historical record of combustion quality and process consistency


  • Decrease gas consumption per ton while maximizing BTUs to the load
  • Eliminate unplanned downtime due to emergency maintenance
  • Increase furnace efficiency and throughput by 10-20%

Ready to take your furnace from a maintenance
cost to a strategic resource?