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Furnace Screening

Uncover combustion system abnormalities, emphasizing the critical need for continuous monitoring to ensure optimal furnace performance. 

What is a Furnace Screening?

A Furnace Screening is a comprehensive on-site industrial furnace assessment. Our PSNERGY Combustion Engineers will install portable combustion monitoring equipment to observe and trend continuous combustion data such as Excess Oxygen, CO, NOx, Combustion Air Pressure, and Gas Pressure. We work with your maintenance team to review historical furnace issues, analyze data for variations, and verify the correct functioning of various valves according to control schematics.



Why Perform a Furnace Screening?

Industrial furnaces operating at high temperatures are susceptible to constant combustion changes and system degradation. Tuning your furnace annually, or even biannually, isn't enough. A PSNERGY Furnace Screening reveals the critical impact of poor combustion on your process, emphasizing the importance of continuous monitoring for safety, quality, delivery, and cost implications.



Furnace Screening Importance


Furnace Screening Technical Analysis

After the Furnace Screening, a technical analysis will be delivered to your team, analyzing the continuous combustion data gathered, as well as making furnace recommendations to enhance performance. With this data, our PSNERGY team will help you determine a complete ROI for installing Combustion Monitoring and Alerting. 

Furnace Screening Data