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Multi-Plant Combustion Solutions

Take control of your facility's combustion from anywhere in the world. 

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Take Your Furnace From Your Biggest Bottleneck to Your Best PerformerPSNERGY Combustion monitoring and alerting boxes

Everything you sell goes through a furnace at least once, therefore furnace performance directly impacts business performance. 

Designed with your operations in mind, our multi-plant combustion monitoring system allows you to easily access real time and historical furnace performance data from anywhere in the world. One simple report can provide you with all of the information you need to ensure your furnaces are running optimally and meeting the strictest temperature uniformity standards. 

Our multi-plant solutions are compatible with radiant tube and open fire furnaces. With just one monthly payment, you can have Combustion Monitoring & Alerting (CMA), biannual on-site service, service call reports and combustion training at all of your facilities.  

IIoT Multi-Plant Combustion Solutions

  • Full-furnace trends 
  • Single point tuning adjustments 
  • Historical and real time data of furnace, burner and zone performance 
  • Alerts and reports to ensure peak burner and zone performance 
  • Evaluation of flow adjustment valves, control valves and regulators

Service Call Report Document

  • Furnace & control description 
  • Recommended tuning procedure 
  • Work completed while on furnace 
  • Initial and final setting of the furnace (customer requested variables) 
    • Pressure, excess O-High fire, Excess O- Low fire, CO, NOx
  • Calculated burner efficiency improvement made by tuning the furnace properly

Biannual Service

  • PSNERGY combustion experts on-site 
  • Adjustment and reset of motorized control valves and linkages 
  • Balance fire rate between burners and zones 
  • Evaluate all valves, orifice plates and regulators on the combustion system

Combustion Training 

  • On-site training sessions at your facilities with our Process Heating Specialist detailing combustion fundamentals, safety, misconceptions, and furnace controls
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How Our Solutions Stand Out

Our proprietary monitoring technology allows us to monitor each plant remotely while providing holistic reports directly to your device. These powerful reports give your team the ability to diagnose combustion issues immediately without being on site. Regardless of where your plant is located, our proprietary service technology ensures each combustion engineering team uses the same equipment and process while performing biannual service. 

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