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The Importance of Combustion Training

Image of Taylor Smith
Taylor Smith

Combustion is the ignition of an oxidized fuel source, which causes a chemical reaction: fire! When it comes to an industrial furnace combustion system, the most critical element of operational safety is a knowledgeable, well-trained team. Human error is shown to be one of the leading causes of combustion system accidents, explosions, fires, and unplanned outages. 

By having a thorough understanding of the combustion process and how the combustion system operates, you are helping to keep your team safe, your furnace efficient  and your facility environmentally friendly.

The manufacturing industry is experiencing a generational shift, while younger employees are welcomed aboard,  lifelong industry experts are retiring. In this newfound culture, how can you ensure your team is educated in the combustion process and your industrial equipment? Combustion Training. 

Inviting a Process Heating Specialist to familiarize members of your operational, safety, and maintenance team on  the ins and outs of the combustion process is the first step in creating a safer, more efficient industrial environment.

In this training, the Process Heating Specialist will:

  • Educate attendees on the chemistry behind proper combustion and how to ensure complete combustion for your industrial furnace
  • Debug combustion misconceptions while identifying hazards and indicators of poor combustion
  • Identify best practices to safely make furnace adjustments while ensuring proper combustion in your industrial equipment
  • Implement hands-on combustion training using your industrial equipment

Through this training, your team will  gain a deeper understanding of the combustion process, allowing confident operation and maintenance of the industrial furnace. This training and the knowledge it brings your team will also help your facility to reduce both equipment downtime and the emissions released from an improperly tuned combustion system. 

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