Looking to reduce emissions, decrease energy costs, and improve plant safety and efficiency? We can help. 



Time, Money and Product are Going in the Front of the Furnace, are They Coming Out the Back?

The days of manual combustion management for your industrial furnace are over, put down the screw driver and pick up the sensor. Reduce emissions, decrease energy costs, improve plant safety and overall efficiency, we have your solution, what are you waiting for? 


PSNERGY Combustion Sensors

Trust Our Sensors. 
Don't Trust Your Senses.

Take your furnace from being your biggest bottleneck and worst nightmare back to being your best performer with our tech enabled solutions. 

Do you still trust a keen eye and a screwdriver to maintain your combustion system? Your problems don't have simple solutions, let us give you our Total Combustion Solution. 


Furnaces are Inherently Inefficient. 

We understand that you don't have time to check on your furnace performance everyday. That's what we're here for, and why we created Combustion Monitoring & Alerting (CMA) for all your open fire furnace needs.

Industrial furnace tuning and service
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Or skip the read, we're happy to take combustion off your plate completely!

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