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Sparking Evolution in Industrial Furnace Management

Take safety, quality and delivery to the next level with our combustion monitoring solutions, patented products, and engineering expertise. With tech, you have the ability to reduce emissions, all while increasing your bottom line. Join the growing list of metal processors determined to spark a new standard of excellence.

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The future of industrial furnace management

Combustion Monitoring and Alerting

Industrial furnaces are inefficient and constantly degrading. Take your heating process from a necessary expense to a strategic asset with  Combustion Monitoring and Alerting (CMA). CMA not only delivers data-driven reports burner by burner straight to your phone, but also empowers you to identify other potential furnace or operational problems. 

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Furnace Performance = Business Performance

In metal processing, the heart of production lies within the furnace. PSNERGY tech is designed to significantly increase furnace efficiency, while reducing on-furnace time by 90%. The Total Combustion Solution (TCS), a comprehensive offering that includes Combustion Monitoring and Alerting, Radiant Tube Inserts, and expert combustion service, is being implemented in metal processing applications across the country.