Our team has many certifications to ensure high quality furnace tuning and combustion optimization including: 

The Department of Energy (DOE)
The Industrial Heating Equipment Association (IHEA)
Fives North American Combustion Inc. 
Eclipse Combustion Inc. 
 Pyronics Burners and Combustion Equipment

In addition to the above certifications, Chris Wyant, PSNergy's VP of Technology and Services, is 1 of approximately 100 PHAST Qualified Specialists (through the Department of Energy) in the USA. 

What does PHAST Qualified mean?    
(Process Heating Assessment and Survey Tool)

"DOE recognizes PHAST Qualified Specialists for their ability to apply the PHAST tool with industrial users. Attendees who successfully complete a PHAST qualification workshop receive this designation. A Qualified Specialist can apply PHAST to help you identify opportunities for thermal efficiency of heating equipment." 

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Visit the DOE Energy Resource Center to learn more about the PHAST program and other energy savings opportunities. 

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Value-Added Services
PSNergy Service Team led by Department of Energy (DOE) certified Process Heating Specialist.

Offering service expertise in furnace combustion efficiency tuning and diagnostics, servicing customers throughout the United States and Canada.  PSNergy is contracted to perform troubleshooting and combustion efficiency tuning of natural gas fired, process heating furnaces.  The importance of properly adjusted air-to-fuel ratios and why burner tuning is recommended is explained in a published article on process heating energy tips by the DOE.