Our Mission

PSNergy’s team of engineers works hard to increase Customer’s global competitiveness by reducing emissions and increasing productivity with affordable, highly technical product and service solutions. Our customer centric, data driven approach establishes long-term partnerships with Customers on their way to realizing improved bottom line performance.

Meet The Team        

Dr. Paul Koch: Director and Chairman of the Board

    Dr. Koch is the Director of the Plastic Services Network (PSN), a successful consulting company that he founded in 1990.  Dr. Koch founded PSN after working for Penn State University, Standard Oil Company Ùs Research Center and the Energy Conversion Devices Department. He also worked at Associated Enterprises/3M and Avery International Ùs Fasson Division.   Dr. Koch is also an associate professor of Plastics Engineering Technology at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College. He received the B.S. in Chemical Engineering in 1972 from the University of Detroit and the D. ENG. in Plastics Engineering in 1996 from the University of Massachusetts Ï Lowell Dr. Koch received the Special Achievement Award from the Northwest Pennsylvania Section of the Society of Plastics Engineers in recognition of the establishment of a student section for the organization in 1988. He was named the Man of the Year for the Northwest Pennsylvania Chapter of Society of Plastics Engineers in December 1991. He was granted the first SPE Certification for Writing Certification Exam in 1998.  Dr. Koch is a member of the Pyrotechnic Guild International, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and the Society of Plastics Engineers.

Carl Nicolia: CEO & President
    Carl Nicolia is a strategic executive with a proven track record managing P&L's in the commercial and residential building products, industrial products, and automotive industries. He has over 28 years of experience delivering results in Private Equity, Large Fortune 500, and Small Privately-held companies by driving change throughout organizations as large as 1000 people with $500M in revenues. Carl is an excellent communicator with an interpersonal style that engages diverse groups of people to achieve stretch goals, positively impact customer satisfaction, employee engagement and financial performance. He holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in Engineering from Oakland University and Gannon University respectively. 

Christopher Wyant: Vice President - Technology & Services
    Chris Wyant studied Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Technology at The Pennsylvania State University, where he earned a BS in Engineering. He has ten years of experience working primarily in the field of Industrial Heating, concentrating on heating energy efficiency improvements in steel and aluminum processing radiant tube and open burner fired furnaces. Chris spent four years working as the Senior Research Engineer for an energy based Research and Development Company designing and optimizing products for radiant tube furnaces, recuperators for process heating furnaces, and heat exchangers for solid oxide fuel cells. Chris is certified through the Department of Energy as a Process Heating Specialist.  He is contracted to perform troubleshooting and efficiency tuning of natural gas fired process heating furnaces, and performs process heating training seminars.  He works for PSN as a Mechanical Engineer, concentrating on cost out redesigns and new material implementation for the consultancy’s clients.  He also lectures part time at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College. 

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Who We Are

PSNergy is an Industrial Energy Solutions company that provides products and services, which reduce emissions, improve product quality, and increase energy efficiency of industrial processes.

PSNergy is a privately held company, spun from Plastics Services Network (PSN), a successful consulting business solving complex product and process problems in various industrial settings.  PSNergy was incorporated to develop, manufacture, market and sell on site services and specialty components for industrial furnaces.  The components are developed to utilize high tech materials, and innovative processing techniques, configured to significantly improve industrial furnace emissions, quality and productivity.  The services are provided to ensure optimum output from the combustion process, reducing natural gas consumption and lowering processing costs.